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Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb by LUSH

Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb by LUSH

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Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb by LUSH

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You pestered, you nagged, you cajoled and finally here it is, in all its glittery glory the much-loved, oft lamented Fairy Jasmine! It's scented with the same subtle jasmine and vetivert perfume of our beloved Silky Underwear dusting powder. But the perfume is only half the story; to those who know and love it, Fairy Jasmine means just one thing: glitter! You mustn't go anywhere near one if you do not want to be drenched with iridescent fairy dust. If you fancy the thought of being covered head to toe in sparkles then it's quite simple; get as many of these as you can.

Bath balistic smelling of beautiful jasmine flowers mixed with ylang ylang and calming vetivert

Includes iridescent fairy dust that floasts on water then covers your body with sparkly bits.

It was inspired by the beautiful writings of a literary critic. It was based on a spell used to stir the passions and bring love to you, depending on the state of mind of the caster. With seven roses, if you start positively, it will end positively. Its fragrance has constantly evolved over the years and Simon has mastered the definitive fragrance.

Product Features:

  • Orris root powder. Orris is one of the most expensive perfumery materials in the world. The rhizome is dried, powdered and used as a fixative in perfumery blends.
  • Rose absolute. Rose is the flower of love. Like orris root, it is good for dry or rough skin.

Directions of Use:

  • Fill tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and enjoy its lovely color and fragrance. Some LUSH bath bombs contain flower petals and or other surprises. If you prefer not to have them floating in your tub, wrap the bath bomb in a nylon before use. To make your experience even more memorable, combine a bath bomb with a bath melt.


Rose Absolute. Our rose absolute comes from the flower petals of the damask rose (Rosa damascena, from the plant family Rosaceae). It is obtained by solvent extraction. Other rose species can be used to produce rose oils and absolutes. Rose is thought to be the first floral. We also use rose oil from the same plant.

Bath Bomb

LUSH, the creator of the Bath Bomb, is offering a box of 9 of their best-selling bath bombs. The bombs are fizzing bath treats made with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and scented with a “hand-blended” essential oils for great fragrance.

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